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Overseas Drivers License and Disqualified License

In this weeks driving news we look at how to obtain and Australian Drivers license if you obtained your license overseas and what to expect if you are a disqualified Novice driver in Western Australia

Overseas Driver License and transition to Australian Drivers License

If you recently obtained your license overseas you will need to pass a Computerised Theory Test, and a Driving Test. You will need to provide your own car, either a friends, your own or driving school car. Once successful if you have held your license say six months you will be required to remain on P plates for a further 18 months, for the full 24 months as required in Australia.

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Common mistakes and tips for good driving

As we progress in our busy schedules sometimes the simple things that help make driving safer are forgotten. As an example, indicating 30 meters before turning, especially if it’s to the right.

On a number of occasions I have followed a car in the right lane wishing to go straight ahead, only to find the driver in front stops without indicating or indicating when they turn.

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Learner Drivers and common mistakes that could cost you your license Part 2

In our previous blog we discussed common driving mistakes than can often cause you to lose your license or fail a driving test, this month we continue on from part one to help you improve on your driving ability in the hopes of creating a safer driving experience for all drivers.

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Learner Drivers and common mistakes that could cost you your license Part 1

Many students are surprised when I inform them that when they are driving regardless if it’s with their parents or instructor, they are responsible behind the wheel of any car they are driving. Once you have passed the computer test and receive a learners permit you are expected to know the road rules. Many think that because they are learning they should not be penalised for making mistakes.

Let’s take a look at some common mistakes students make.

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Driving safely over the festive season

Christmas is upon us once more. We need to remember for anybody that is going to be out on the roads driving a car, and especially learners and provisional drivers, no alcohol or non-prescription drugs are allowed.

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