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Learner Drivers and common mistakes that could cost you your license Part 1

Many students are surprised when I inform them that when they are driving regardless if it’s with their parents or instructor, they are responsible behind the wheel of any car they are driving. Once you have passed the computer test and receive a learners permit you are expected to know the road rules. Many think that because they are learning they should not be penalised for making mistakes.

Let’s take a look at some common mistakes students make.


Indicating incorrectly

As an example indicating left when told to turn right is very dangerous because the car behind can take the opportunity to overtake as you are about to turn.

Because you indicated incorrectly you could cause an accident unless you remember to check your blind spot and see the car coming up beside you.


Again very important let’s look at Marmion St, it is one lane coming into 2 lanes at the lights then going back into one lane after the lights, when approaching the lights we should remain on the left (unless turning right) to allow fast moving cars to overtake, checking the rear view mirror for car positions.

We cannot cross the unbroken line between the 2 lanes or change lanes on the intersection. After the lights we need to look at the rear vision for other traffic, indicate right and check our blind spot for cars, if we are in front we should accelerate unless a car is going faster to overtake us, otherwise slow down a little and let him go as many people don’t like being behind a learner driver, they forget they were a learner driver once themselves.


Turning left, stay close to the left to turn, but turning right you must be as close as possible to the centre of the road, if the road is wide you must look and turn in close to the centre before making a turn into a driveway if there are no lines.

Stay tuned, next week we will cover more common driving mistakes that can help you become a more responsible and safe driver on our roads

Learner Drivers and common mistakes that could cos...
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