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Learner Drivers and common mistakes that could cost you your license Part 2

In our previous blog we discussed common driving mistakes than can often cause you to lose your license or fail a driving test, this month we continue on from part one to help you improve on your driving ability in the hopes of creating a safer driving experience for all drivers.



Speeding is very common, 5 kilometres over the speed limit and you can fail your test, and be fined by the police, also in a test if you remain say 2 or3 kilometres over for a time you can also fail for not addressing the problem so remember to check your speed regularly.

If you are caught speeding you pay the fine and loose the demerit point, it will be recorded. 


One other matter if you are going for a lesson, let’s say Saturday morning but it can be any day. I used Sat because before I book my students a lesson I ask if they are going drinking that evening because no alcohol can be in your system when driving and remember it takes up to 24 hours to clear your system so be aware, I have already had a number of students breathalysed, fortunately all have passed.  If you are caught you will lose your permit for 3 months normally and have to start again.

Bike Lanes

Many roads now include bike lanes and on weekends these two wheel enthusiasts seem to overtake our roads, so we need to keep our eyes open and be aware especially when we are turning corners.

I teach my students to check the rear mirror every 10 seconds and especially when approaching a corner as racing bikes can travel very fast.

When approaching a roundabout if the road is normal the bike lane ceases to exist so we need to check our blind spot on the left hand to make sure no bike is approaching beside us given there is little room for both of us, whoever is in front has the right of way, but it is better to be safe than sorry, if they are in a big rush slow down and let them go first.

When turning left be aware regardless if it’s a street or lights if the bike is close and going straight ahead they have the right of way.

Happy driving



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