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Common mistakes and tips for good driving

As we progress in our busy schedules sometimes the simple things that help make driving safer are forgotten. As an example, indicating 30 meters before turning, especially if it’s to the right.

On a number of occasions I have followed a car in the right lane wishing to go straight ahead, only to find the driver in front stops without indicating or indicating when they turn.

If the driver ahead had indicated 30 meters prior to the turn, that would have offered the opportunity for me to move into the left hand lane and continue without stopping.

There is a new trend, which allows one to indicate with sufficient warning, for one person that could be 10 meters another 100 meters. It is important to note that to pass a driving test it is still 30 meters.

Some of the rules are being reviewed for increased revenue.

  • Texting, which is very dangerous
  • Speeding which is self explanatory
  • Not wearing seat belts. It is your responsibility as the driver to ensure everybody in the car is wearing a seatbelt. If there are only 5 seatbelts then you can only carry 4 passengers and the driver. No one is allowed to ride in the boot of the car.
  • Drink driving or using heavy drugs will ensure a heavy fine and possibly loss of license.

Another old rule is driving 20kn under the speed limit, which is an offence.

For a test one should drive just under the speed limit so as not to hold up other road users. Often times this can cause impatience of other drivers causing them to take risks to get around you.

Speed limits are there for public safety so remember to go with the flow, stick to the rules and help keep our roads safe

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