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The Top Four Ways to Become a Safer Driver

Traffic crashes are responsible for many deaths in Australia each year. As a new driver, you can help lower the rate of fatal crashes by being aware of the top driving dangers and knowing how to avoid or minimize them. So what are some ways you can become a safer driver?

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The Christmas season and road safety

Christmas is upon us again, with traffic heavier than usual as people have time off to visit friends and family out in the suburbs and country regions, the police are out in force.

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Blind Spots

At one time or another, as drivers, we will attempt to make a turn, overtake or proceed on a green light only to discover a car approaching that we did not see, this is commonly known as a blind spot. In other words we think it is completely safe to make our turn or change lanes, only to discover at the last second it is not.

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Preparing for your Driving Test with the Licensing Center

Sometimes, simple things, such as going to the toilet or providing basic information such as a phone number can be overlooked. Willagee Licensing Centre does not have any public toilets. People requiring service are required to wait for over an hour when the centre is busy, also, students going for their practical test, sometimes at the last minute need to use the toilet, and if you are desperately in need you need to ask permission to be allowed to use the licensing centre toilet. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep this in mind when visiting.

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How much should I pay for driving lessons

Over a period of time now I have been getting inquiries about driving lessons. Mostly, the first question asked is how much do you charge? The economy has been tight for some time now, so it’s not surprising. People shop around for cheaper deals, but in most cases that is false economy because it can cost more in the long run.

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