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Blind Spots

At one time or another, as drivers, we will attempt to make a turn, overtake or proceed on a green light only to discover a car approaching that we did not see, this is commonly known as a blind spot. In other words we think it is completely safe to make our turn or change lanes, only to discover at the last second it is not.

Recently I witnessed an accident that could have been avoided. It would appear that the driver of the bus may have suffered a seizure, and veered onto the wrong side of the road.

The lights turned green for us travelling north, the car beside us was turning East, straight into the path of the bus that was travelling west. The point I wish to emphasize is the importance of looking right then left before proceeding.

Had the driver turning right looked up he could not have missed seeing the bus moving forward towards him. I teach my students to look right and left, therefore, we did stop in time. This is only one example of a number of accidents I have encountered on intersections.

Another incident that occurred recently was a truck coming down a hill with what appeared to be failing breaks. The lights turned green and the car in front of me proceed to go ahead right in front of the truck, fortunately, they looked up and stopped just before the truck passed by.

Another bad accident I witnessed was on a duel road at an intersection. My student stopped at the lights in the left lane. There were two cars in front of us and the right lane was clear, when suddenly, a four wheel drive car came from nowhere screaming past us exceptionally fast running the red light and ran directly into a car turning right on a green arrow who had the right of way. Fortunately they only suffered shock but the same could not be said for the car, Had they looked up??? AVOIDABLE.

Many people are not so fortunate; they are seriously hurt or killed through no fault of their own. So please be more a-tentative when driving, look around especially at intersections and watch out for bikes when you are turning left, the bike has the right of way.

The car is a pleasure to drive and you have the convenience to go wherever you wish, but remember it is also a lethal weapon, and not everybody is aware of the rules of the road.

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