We all know there can be pressure from peers and friends to pass the driving test but congratulations. After passing the second phase test we need to continue practising our driving for another six months with parents or friends who hold a current drivers license held for at least the past four years.

The six month period was introduced to gain experience over changing weather conditions, possibly longer driving destinations and road conditions such as country roads, city, freeway, and possibly gravel roads.

The 35 hours must be recorded in your log book. You can do more hours and it is advisable to get as much experience as possible to become a good and confident driver.

Once you have reached the six month compulsory period, you need to go back to the Licensing Centre and have your booked checked by an attendant. There is generally no need for an appointment.

Once completed you are now a Red P driver for the next 6 months advancing to Green P's for eighteen months completing the probationary period.

Driving points for probationary drivers license are minimal

For the first year you only have 4 points, 8 points for the second year and 12 points for the third year.