We often get questions asking what is involved in organising and booking the practical driving test

In Western Australia we are lucky in that we only require 25 hours prior to sitting the test, recently introduced ( If you are lucky enough to get one as there is a number of months waiting list ), but do keep trying as there are cancelations and a few editions that disappear very fast.

In N S W and Victoria it is mandatory to register 120 hours in the log book before a test, that is why in WA we are considered bad drivers. We only need 25 hours prior to the test, and after completion of the test a further 25 hours is required over a 6 month period, to obtain experience in changing weather conditions.

After this is done take your log book and learners permit down to the license centre, obtain a ticket and wait for your number to be called out. The person behind the desk will check that all is in order, then you can also do your Hazard Perception Test there and then without making a booking. If per chance you fail, you can return the following day and do it again.

Log onto the Government Web Site and scroll through till you find HPT and practice so you understand.

Good luck.