Air Crash Investigator Experts painstakingly sift through remains of air crashes, to find out why the accident happened even if it takes years to find the cause, so adjustments and improvements can be made to help prevent future accidents from occurring. The trainee pilots require many hours in a Simulator that is programmed to cover all types of contingencies, before obtaining there wings.

One could ask why Governments not consider car Simulators set up as Virtual Reality, programmed to cover all types of road conditions and obstacles when driving, as experience is the key to safety. The Government spends Billions of dollars each year on road accidents. This could be better spent on prevention, and by lowering the road toll more money would be available for road improvements.

If students where required to Log Book there hours in a Simulator and also their road driving experience prior to doing the Practical Driving Assessment our roads would be much safer. New South Wales and Victoria require 120 Log Book Hours prior to there Practical Driving Assessment. West Australia falls far short on experience.