When entering a road that has two lanes one should drive in the left lane, and if a sign ahead states < FORM ONE LANE > we should remain driving in the left lane allowing room for a car to overtake on the right if they want to. As the road ahead narrows to one lane some times a sign warns you this is taking place, however in many places it does not so one must be vigilant at all times. 


When approaching the one lane, if the left side moves over to form one lane, we are required to check our rearview mirror, indicate to our right and check our blind spot to the right in case a car has moved beside us and slow down if he is travelling faster and let the other car go first, even though we have the right of way if we are in front.

In the past we had to give way to the right even if we where in front, but the law changed many years ago and unfortunately many road users are not aware of new rules so be careful. If the right side of the road moves over to the centre and we are on the left we are not required to indicate, but we must check our rearview mirror and blind spot incase someone is attempting to overtake.

Always take care on the road, although driving is a pleasure, the car can also be a lethal weapon, so be vigilant at all times, accidents happen to regularly. It’s not the car that is at fault but the person behind the wheel that can laps in concentration for a moment.

Please do not drink and drive or take prohibited substances as they remain in your system for a long time. Lastly, get a hands free if you need to have your phone on, and do not send SMS messages while driving as this has caused many accidents.