In this weeks driving news we look at how to obtain and Australian Drivers license if you obtained your license overseas and what to expect if you are a disqualified Novice driver in Western Australia

Overseas Driver License and transition to Australian Drivers License

If you recently obtained your license overseas you will need to pass a Computerised Theory Test, and a Driving Test. You will need to provide your own car, either a friends, your own or driving school car. Once successful if you have held your license say six months you will be required to remain on P plates for a further 18 months, for the full 24 months as required in Australia.

Disqualified Driving License

If disqualified as a novice driver, the minimum period of disqualification is three months unless it is a major offence such as excessive speeding, excessive drinking or reckless driving as an example. Your car can be impounded under these circumstances and court proceedings will follow. The Magistrate will decide the fine and the length of time you cannot drive. After the three months or longer you will be required to re-sit the Computerised Theory Test, and complete another Driving Test.