Over a period of time now I have been getting inquiries about driving lessons. Mostly, the first question asked is how much do you charge? The economy has been tight for some time now, so it’s not surprising. People shop around for cheaper deals, but in most cases that is false economy because it can cost more in the long run.

Usually the instructors who offer lower rates are new to the business and are still learning what is required. One can obtain an instructors license in approximately two weeks by means of a paid course that covers the theory of road rules etc.

However, the practical nature of teaching students is completely different to that of a theory based test and takes time and experience.

Western Australia does not have a great driving record due to the fact that students are only required to record 25 hours in the Log Book whereas Victoria and N.S.W. require students to record 120 hours prior to sitting the Practical Driving Test. Therefore it is better to find an experienced, qualified and competent instructor from the outset who has the experience necessary to instruct and develop correct driving skills on our roads.